Yes, it's the return of "What's This Fish!". In March of 1999, we made a trip to the Amazon near Manaus, Brazil, and brought back a number of Apistos and other fish. Shown below are lots of in-tank photos at about 1 week after we brought them home. We have our ideas about the ID of these fish... what are yours?

(We also have other pictures of caught fish during the trip, plus collecting locations and other goodies... in due time we're hoping to have them into some sort of article/presenation on the main site). - Erik and Kathy

Location: Rio Cuieiras
50.3591 degrees W, 2.68433 degrees S

We did some evening collecting at our stop for the night. Found lots of tetras, apistos, baby pike cichlids, pencilfish.

Location: Flooded Cow Pond, Rio Solimoes
60.3961 degrees West, 3.30678 degrees South

Apistogramma sp. (one species, many specimens!), Hoplosternum sp.

Location: Rio Negro
Between Manaus and 2 degrees south, assorted locations

Apisto hippolytae, regani?, unnamed species, more splash tetras, Acaricthes heckelii.

Location: Rio Solimoes
various locations, between Marriage of Waters and "Cow Pasture" location

Apistogramma agassizii, unnamed Apistogramma species, Leporinus, Aequidens sp., splash tetras, headstanders, whiptail cats, plecos, Corydorus pygmaeus, Geophagus sp. fry.

Location: "Bathroom Stop", A creek off the Rio Negro
around -2 degrees even.

Apistogramma hippolytae, cohabiting with two other species.

Locations we can't remember